cold sore home remedies

Cold sore home remedies

Cold sore also known as fever blister is a kind of disease that can attack the lips, jaw, cheek, and even the nostril. This blister commonly changes into a sprue and then it will be gone in a few weeks. The causal factor of this cold sore is the herpes simplex. It will make you uncomfortable and itchy. No one wants to get this kind of disease. Fortunately, you can still do some home remedies for healing cold sore at home as well as to prevent it from coming again.

Avoid the Causal Factors

There are some reasons why the cold sore is attacking you. Thus, you have to pay attention before it is coming to you. One of the best home remedy for solving the cold sore problem is by avoiding the triggers. A cold sore can occur due to the winter or sometimes it can be caused by your stress and your sleeplessness. If you are suffering from cold sore, you have to eat more vitamins to make it healed faster.

Home Remedy Using Ice Cube

If there is a symptom that may cause you cold sore to happen, you can use an ice cube to prevent it from getting worse. Or even when it already happens, you can also use the ice cube to relieve it. You can do this home remedy as fast as possible before it gets bigger. You can take an ice cube, and then put the ice on the skin surface which is attacked by a cold sore. You can do it repeatedly.

Using Aloe Vera

Another easy and natural home remedy for healing cold sore is by using Aloe Vera. The aloe vera can fight the pain as well as speed up the healing process. Therefore, if you really suffer from cold sore, you can take some aloe vera and then put the liquid on the skin where cold sore is found. Hopefully, when you do it every day, the cold sore will be healed quickly.

Keeping Your Health

The cold sore may be caused by flu but it sometimes happens without any reasons. This condition can even be worse if you do not heal it immediately. Sometimes, it can make you get a fever. Before you get a fever because of a cold sore, you can do some home remedies such as consuming enough vitamins, eating a lot of vegetables, drinking green tea because it contains an antioxidant which is good for detoxification.

The last thing to do is by drinking so much water and get enough sleeping. If you follow a good lifestyle, then you will be always healthy even though you are suffering from cold sore and you will never get a fever. The cold sore will be recovered by itself in a few days if you consume some healthy foods regularly.

In conclusion, those are some natural home remedies for solving a cold sore problem that may happen to anyone. Of course, the prevention can be even better than the healing. Before you get a cold sore, you are recommended to avoid the triggers. You have to change your lifestyle into the good lifestyle by consuming healthy foods and avoid any stress condition.


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