Healing Tennis Elbow With Home Remedies

Tennis Elbow is a condition that causes pain in the elbow, especially on the outside part. This occurs when the tendon that connects the muscles of the arm below the elbow is broken. It may be caused by daily activities such as playing tennis, badminton, baseball, and much more.

Tennis elbow needs a surgery to recover it, but some simple home remedies for tennis elbow may also be able to reduce the pain and effectively heal this common sickness. Suppose you are suffering from this tennis elbow, you can do some natural home remedies for tennis elbow as follows.

Take a Rest
It is just similar to other injuries, the most important thing when you get tennis elbow is to get an easy home remedy for tennis elbow by resting. Of course, you have to make sure that you have enough sleep and let your arm rest to avoid repeated movements which can damage the elbow uric and become more severe. If you get this tennis elbow after you play tennis, then you are recommended to stop your tennis game until your arm gets recovered.

Cold Therapy

Another natural home remedy to relieve the pain when you get tennis elbow is using some ice. This cold therapy can be quite effective to get rid of the inflammation. You can take an ice cube and wrap the ice using a tiny towel or cloth and then you can put it on your arm for 20 minutes. You can do it three times a day. Hopefully, after you do this simple home remedy, the pain will be gone.

Using Supporting Tool

If you have a supporting tool, you can use it as your quick home remedy for tennis elbow. You can also use to protect your elbow from the tendon damage during the process of healing. You can put this supporting tool under your arm to make it still. You have to put it under your arm where you feel the pain and just let it be there for a moment until it gets recovered.

Doing Arm Muscle Exercises

Healing Tennis Elbow With Home RemediesThere are some specific movements of easy and natural home remedy for tennis elbow to help speed healing. However, do not do the exercises if you still feel the pain, because it can make it become worse. Do some stretches on the extensor wrist. In order to do this, stretch your hand that feels pain in a perpendicular position to the direction toward the torso and fists. Take the other arm and grasp the top of the fist and press down so that your hands remain outstretched but your wrist is now facing the ground. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then release, repeat up to five times.

Squeeze Ball Exercising
For this simple home remedy for tennis elbow, you will need something to “squeeze or press” like a tennis ball. This exercise targets the part of the forearm flexors and the small muscle in the forearm and hand. This will effectively strengthen your handheld so you can perform activities as usual. Sit on a chair and hold the ball in your sored-arm. Then, you can squeeze the ball and hold for 3 seconds, then release. Do it until you are able to hold the ball as long as possible. This exercise should be done for 10 times for twice a day.

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