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"Hey! What's going on? It's Ian Hart here from, Back Pain Relief Expert and Co-Creator of Back Pain Relief4Life. So today I was watching a video that was on MSNBC or Today Health for July 30th I think it was, and it was a newly revealed research about back pain.
Basically, what was said is that doctors are not taking the necessary protocol typically most of them nowadays are not taking the necessary protocol which is recommended, which is a conservative approach to back pain, and what they mentioned was that specifically they're suppose to take three steps. So first they are suppose to go:
1. Over the counter Meds: Anti- inflammatory medication
2. MRI
3. Physical Therapy
4. Narcotics and Surgery are given
It is said these three steps were done before surgery which I found kind of "ahh because typically they are doing MRI before surgery" but with that thing said, the main point of the article was that there's been a massive increase in narcotic use. So these [the 1st 3 steps] are being skipped and people are going straight to narcotics and they use is up 50% since 1999. So we don't know how much the usage is but we know that there's a lot of narcotic use going on, which can be extremely deadly and is extremely addictive.The side note of that is it doesn't actually help the back pain, it makes it ten times worse by preventing nutrients, oxygen and blood flow from reaching the injured area and at the same time it disconnects you your mind from your body so you might not feel the pain but you might actually be doing things that is causing way more pain and then you're just going to end up in this circle, a vicious cycle, of taking more narcotics because as soon as you've come off of it you're going to feel more intense back pain because your body has to detox from the chemicals causing more inflammation. So it's a never-ending cycle. So the last thing you ever want to do is take narcotics…"

Lower Back Pain Cures
Lower Back Pain Cures
Lower Back Pain Cures

Lower Back Pain Cures

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