Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedies – Effective Cure for Skin Rash

Your skin is indeed one of the most sensitive areas in your body. You often experience skin disorders which sometimes get really annoying. One of the skin disorders which happens quite often to us is Keratosis Pilaris. It is a quite common disorder which can be seen from some symptoms that often seen in arms, legs, cheeks and other areas.

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Natural Keratosis Pilaris Skin Care can save you from embarrassment and restore your confidence. Keratosis pilaris skin infection can ruin your self-esteem and retract your presence before friends, colleagues. Home remedies for dry skin have been the best immediate solution even for some cases declared as incurable by modern dermatologists.

You usually can find small bumps and rough patches on those areas mentioned above. Keratosis Pilaris is not that painful if it is compared to some other skin disorders. However, it can become dry and red.

That is the reasons on why people are trying hard to find the home remedies to get rid of them. Home remedies are the best for you want to clean your body from Keratosis Pilaris but too afraid to see your doctors. So, here we provide some home remedies that are hoped to be able to solve your problems related to Keratosis Pilaris.

Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedies for Good
There are some ways of removing or solving some problems related to Keratosis Pilaris. The first Keratosis Pilaris home remedy is by using baking soda. Some of you might not expect that you can actually use it to help you with this.

Baking soda is beneficial in removing your dead skin cells. It also is able to cleanse your pores. It is not difficult at all to use it. What you need to do is just mix two tablespoons of baking soda with water. Then, you need to apply it to the areas which are affected by Keratosis Pilaris and then clean it using water after 5 minutes.

You have to do it consistently and regularly for the best results. The next home remedy you can try is to use olive oil skin rub. It is also not difficult because you just need to mix two tablespoons of olive oil with three tablespoons of salt and put it on your affected skin. It can help you getting rid of the rough patches.

Coconut oil skin rub can also be used as one of home remedies for treating keratosis pilaris. Just like olive oil, the use of coconut oil is the same. How to use it is also the same. You need two tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of brown sugar and then mix them.

Then, you can put it on the areas which have bumps. It is believed that it can also get rid of the bumps and the rough patches. Besides, yogurt can also be uses as a home remedy for this. You need about four tablespoons of yogurt and then you can directly apply it to the area.

Let it dry on your skin for about fifteen minutes. After that, you can wash it using a soap. Yogurt is helpful because the milk fat are able to moisturize your skin. So, actually you can get rid of the keratosis pilaris with many home remedies which are very simple to follow. You do not need to get stressed over it.

Can keratosis pilaris be cured using Apple cider vinegar?  Apple cider vinegar is a common condiment that can be found in many homes. It has also been known to be an efficient anti-bacterial substance for quite some time.  It has many nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron which are good for the skin and also overall health.

Apple cider vinegar, in its most natural and purest form is made by crushing organic apples and storing the juices into barrels made out of wood. Natural wooden barrels are used to enhance the fermentation of the juices. This substance is not only used in food. It is also used to cure or treat many skin or hair problems such as itchy scalp, dandruff, sunburn, acne, eczema, body odor, athlete’s foot and insect bites. However, many people ask if it can also help treat a skin condition called keratosis pilaris.

Keratosis pilaris or chicken skin is a very widespread skin condition that is experienced by half of the world’s population. It usually affects children and teens. It is described as tiny bumps in some parts of the body such as the arms, torso, thighs and buttocks. And although not that likely to happen, it can also occur in the face. This skin condition is quite harmless to the affected person’s overall health. It is neither painful nor contagious. But its appearance can be quite unpleasant to touch and look at. And what’s even worse is it has no cure.

On the other hand, KP sufferers do not need to worry or be afraid. This skin condition may not be 100 percent curable but it can be treated so that its symptoms may be managed or even reduced. And sometimes even without treatment, KP often clears on its own. But if you are suffering with this condition for a long time and have been looking for ways to treat it, there are many treatment options out there to consider. Just ask your dermatologist to help you. Also, there are many cheap and easy home remedies that can be done as well.

KP can often be treated in 2 simple steps – Exfoliate and Moisturize. You can exfoliate the skin using facial scrubs made only with mild ingredients. You can also use all-natural sugar scrubs or salt and water scrub to gently smoother out the tiny bumps on the skin. Do not scrub the affected part vigorously or try to scrape the skin. This will only do more damage than good.

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, remember to always keep the affected area moisturized. Dry skin often worsens the symptoms of KP. You can use special moisturizers containing lactic acid for mild but intensive and deep moisture. You can also opt for natural remedies such as coconut oil or olive oil. You can mix it in your bath water and you can also apply some to the affected area as well after taking a bath.

Many people also wash with apple cider vinegar to cleanse the KP affected areas instead of using lactic acid washes. It is all-natural and therefore safe to use. Chances of irritating the skin in using chemicals are greatly reduced if you use apple cider vinegar to treat keratosis pilaris. Do not use it directly on your skin though, especially on your face. Remember to mix it with water before using it as a KP facial wash.
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