Cure Hemorrhoids at Home With Cooking Ingredients

Do you feel pain while passing stools? Have you noticed some blood in your feces? Did you know that you can cure hemorrhoids at home with cooking ingredients?

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The video above shows you some unique and rare tips on how to treat hemorrhoids with home remedies and gain complete relief! This is based on the latest scientific research on how to stop the actual Cause of hemorrhoids and its symptoms.The home remedies for hemorrhoids are mainly based on changes of your eating habits that certainly harms digestive system and intestinal organs.

Is there a feeling of soreness in your rectal area, especially after you’ve defecated?

Do you find it difficult to sit down comfortably for a prolonged period of time because of itching or pain in your behind?

If so, then you might be suffering from hemorrhoids or piles, which is one of the most painful ailments there is. People who are often constipated or frequently have diarrhea usually suffer from hemorrhoids. This is because any disorder that causes you to strain or exert extra effort when passing bowels can cause unnecessary pressure on your rectal region.

There are also several causes, and you may want to research these thoroughly so that you will know what to do to avoid a recurrence. However, once you have hemorrhoids, your primary concern usually is to find instant relief and not to learn the cause.

Go All-Natural – Treat Hemorrhoids with Herbs!

Before trying the usual prescription medications, you may want to treat hemorrhoids through herbal remedies first. These are safe and inexpensive, and can do wonders for you. They are proven to be effective in treating the painful swelling that accompanies the inflamed veins.

The best part is that the things you would need are very common and can be bought in a quick trip to the nearby supermarket. They are also very easy to prepare so that you shouldn’t have a problem even if it’s your first time.

Choosing The Herbal Treatments To Try


There are so many different herbal treatments to try because there are so many herbs that can treat hemorrhoids. A good example is an onion. Not only do you use an onion for cooking and preparing food, you can also take it in order to treat hemorrhoids. You just need to finely chop about thirty grams or so of onions. Mix it with water and sixty grams of sugar, and take the mixture twice a day. You should see results within three days, with the itching and irritation lessening immediately.


You can also try purslane, which is very helpful in preventing hard stools to be formed in your intestines. This would then prevent the bleeding of your inflamed rectal veins. You just need to boil 250 grams of purslane leaves in 500 ml of purified water. Blend the mixture and strain to remove annoying bits. Drink the mixture every day for one month. Since purslane is also a great remedy for constipation, it helps prevent hemorrhoids as well.

White Radish And Honey

You can also try to add some white radish. Grate it finely in order to extract the juice it has from the plant itself. Add a bit of honey to the radish juice and apply the mixture directly to your hemorrhoids. Continually do this every day for two weeks at the very least or until the hemorrhoid tries up. This will surely target your hemorrhoids and ensure that it will heal in a couple of days.

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