Bad Breath home remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe

bad breath home remedies

Bad Breath Home Remedies

A bad breath is commonly not too dangerous for human health, but it may attack anyone and it is really disturbing and causes stinky mouth and throat sore. A bad breath is also commonly called tonsilloliths which happen because of the bacteria and the food particles that get in through the tonsil and then it becomes hard like a stone. Therefore, if you suffer from tonsil stone, you have to do some home remedy for removing the bad breath so that you will feel comfortable when eating your food. Here are some of the home remedies that you can do at home.

Manual Removal

When you want to remove the tonsil stones, you can use a toothbrush. You can take your toothbrush and then you use the brush to remove the stone. You can do it slowly until they are removed. Or you can also use a cotton bud by soaking the cotton bud in the water and then you can remove the tonsil stones slowly. You can also use your finger to get rid of the stones. You can put your finger into your mouth and move the stones slowly.

Drinking Lime Juice

Lime just is another natural home remedy for removing the tonsil stones. When you are suffering from tonsil stones, you can make a lime juice because the lime contains a lot of vitamin C for your immune system. However, it may not remove the stone directly, so you have to be patient. Hopefully, the lime will reduce the infection and heal the tonsil completely.

Carrot Juice

Carrot is the second option for the home remedy to remove stones in the tonsil. It has a good active substance which is good to kill the bacteria in the tonsil. Therefore, you can consume carrot juice every day when you are suffering from tonsil stones. Or you can also eat the carrot directly. Besides, it can also be used for prevention along with the lime juice.

Avoid Fried Meals

When you are suffering from tonsil stones, one of the most important home remedies for solving your bad breath problem is by avoiding some fried meals. The fried meals can make your tonsil become worse and it will become more sensitive. Besides, the meal will make your tonsil wounded and it will make you suffered. Therefore, you are recommended to stop eating some fried meals before the tonsil stones get recovered.

Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Clean

Your mouth cleanness becomes one of the most important factors to prevent tonsil stone. Therefore, even when you are suffering bad breath or not, you have to keep your mouth clean. This is a home remedy for healing tonsil stones effectively or to prevent them from coming. You must clean your teeth every day so that the food that you have eaten will not produce bacteria which can cause tonsil stones. You must brush your teeth in the morning and in the night before going to bed to prevent it.

In summary, those are some natural home remedies for bad breath healing before the tonsil stones get worse. If the stones cannot be removed manually, you can go to the doctor for checking up or medical treatment.

Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe
Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe
Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe
Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe
Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe

Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe

Bad Breath Home Remedy! #ParasKeNuskhe

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